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  • Data transfer is an important step in the salesforce data implementation journey. The demand for data transfer to the cloud of salesforce data migration has increased.
  • However, when you migrate from another CRM or from a normal system to a salesforce, you want to transfer all records and data to the new system without interruption. However, data transfer is not just about transferring records from one system to another.
  • In fact, it is a difficult and time-consuming task that requires proper planning and a full understanding of your current and future systems. Mapping of incorrect data can cause potential loss of important data and important functions. Even if you import thousands of records, you have to make sure that each record is transferred to a completely new system. This is why you need Salesforce Data Migration system

Data Migration Services

If you transfer data from another organization, we will ensure that your business is not frozen and will continue to operate smoothly. Our most famous data transfer services include:

  • Migration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales staff
  • Migration from sugar to salesforce
  • Transfer of sales staff from suite CRM
  • Exchange of sales staff
  • Important on the transfer of sales staff
  • Zoho to the sales team migration
  • Netsuite to sales staff transfer

Our Sales Force Data Transfer Process Includes:

  • Field Letters and Books: Make sure the data is moved to the new CRM in the same field.
  • Relationship Card: Like field, the relationship between field and other items is maintained in the new system.
  • Cancellation: The process is to eliminate the data and reduce the cost of overhead storage. During migration, the purpose of the migration is to provide entertainment to the new CRM for work.
  • Smooth migration: Use the latest ETL tools to complete the original migration.
  • Data Security: ISO 27001 Certified, Our team performs the operations that meet international data protection standards
  • Data Integrity: The integrity, accuracy, and sustainability of data in the migration process are our top priorities.
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  • Under critical business conditions, each organization must define a CRM methodology to improve performance. A separate platform requires serious activity in the business center. Corporate power is an indispensable asset, but it cannot do much on its own.
  • To unlock your true potential, you need to connect it to various business applications to meet your challenges and needs. We can add a lot of adhesion, a cellular space without almost any product and you should get the best results so that you or your team definitely do it.

We Integrate Your Salesforce Data with Third-Party Software

  • To manage all of their business from CRM, companies need customs integration. Some of the most common integrations that CRM manufacturers for marketing and sales teams have included the integration of e-mail campaigns, the integration of marketing automation, and the integration of the two companies.


  • Accounting integration. Our salesforce advisors can help you choose the best solution for your business and build your system and run up immediately.


  • It is important to connect salesforce with other business applications in the cloud or on-premises to manage all users, partners, and prospects in real-time. You can easily access key numbers from multiple channels and get a 360-degree view of all user information.


  • When it comes to our salesforce stability, the whole thing is certainly more than a couple of parts, and you’re sure you get the most profit on your investment. Our solution is ideal for ensuring full connectivity and computing value to the organization’s finance, support, sales, and marketing sectors.


  • Salesforce’s integration with CRM ensures that all data is consistent, providing you with a real-time view of users and businesses. In this way, as the need to return to the data system is eliminated, your team may be more efficient in processing data. Whether it’s a front-end e-commerce platform or a marketing automation tool,


  • Salesforce Integration ensures you automatically set all your data to a central location, which is not only easy but also very useful.

Our Integration Process

Requirement Gathering

  • The first step to successfully stabilize the Salesforce is to understand the needs of the business. Our Salesforce developers take this step seriously and will work with your team to analyze the depth of your business needs. It has been done to ensure that you have the best integration of Salesforce in the market.


  • Once you understand your business needs, the next step for our Salesforce Integration Service is to configure it for successful stability, for example. It may include a different set of tasks, namely a new dashboard, object, or field construction.

Data transfer

  • Once your Salesforce Integration Setup is ready, we will take the most important step toward modifying your data for integration. To ensure stability, it is necessary to monitor and modify the flow of bilateral traffic between Salesforce examples and third party stability. As an official partner of Salesforce, we use the latest ETL tools to transfer Salesforce data.

Salesforce Training

  • After successfully implementing Salesforce Integration, we will provide Salesforce training to help you understand how the integration works in your business. Find out how your integration is going to benefit the most. Through our training services in Salesforce, your team will be able to identify trends, ideas, and opportunities that can translate into advanced ROI.

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