What comes to mind when you do talk about the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce consultant? Well, according to the dictionary definition salesforce consultants help multinational companies/organizations to increase their profits by providing their valuable knowledge in improving the structure, strategy of the organization to minimize losses and increase company gains. They also help organizations in improving relationships with clients or customers by using different methods. There are different types of salesforce consultants that are talented in managing different areas of the organization. Companies may hire different people suited for different roles or might club these roles which might be handled by a single person depending on the size of the organization. Different type of roles and responsibilities are taken on by different salesforce consultants are listed below:


Salesforce consultant role and responsibilities

Salesforce administrator

  • They have exceptional communication skills and deal with everybody in the organization from the top-level CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s to those working at the bottom of the pyramid and even the customers.
  • They listen to customers and help in figuring out the solutions best needed to solve problems at hand.
  • They are solution-focused and expert in handling different CRM (client relation management) platforms.
  • Since they are problem solvers, they also provide training to employees in the company.


Salesforce business analyst

  • They are more data-led as compared to a salesforce administrator they track and collate data and decide which roadmap is best for the company to take.
  • They are fast decision- makers and make recommendations on improvement based on data findings and also provide insights on what will work and what won’t.
  • They are the ones that take initiative to tell a business what is needed for the best.
  • They also solve issues when a product gets stuck due to glitches.


Salesforce Developer

  • They ate API integration and code experts. They create complex workflows, triggers, and also help in the integration of the systems.
  • They provide company-wide solutions to make processes more efficient.
  • They make sure that all the codes are checked prior to production.
  • They focus on installation, testing of the product.
  • They provide technical plans for the company. So, they are the technical heads of the company.


Salesforce functional consultant

  • They are only client-focused and form a bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders in the company.
  • They ensure that client expectations are met while keeping financial implications in mind.
  • They are strategists of the company and understand the needs of the clients even before the clients themselves are aware of it.
  • They provide guidance on designing solutions and have an understanding of the outcome of the project without being completely involved.
  • They also are in charge of submitting projects for the client’s approval.


Salesforce platform manager

  • They are responsible for handling small teams and also can be responsible for collaboration with multiple teams.
  • They are the face of the salesforce platform.
  • They delegate tasks to the salesforce team and have excellent skills in change management.
  • They not only guide a team but also add value to sales pitches to win new business.


Salesforce solution architect

  • They provide solutions to problems in the company using the resources the companies have.
  • They are responsible for planning design and delivery.
  • They also look after resource development like making sure the project has sufficient manpower.
  • They oversee testing and also make sure that solutions are as per the standards required by the company.


Salesforce project manager

  • They assist with planning and tracking of projects.
  • They help in setting realistic deadlines and a budget.
  • They manage the day to day execution and adjust plans as needed.


One might be asked to perform multiple roles and responsibilities or might asked to perform roles and responsibilities of only one category mentioned above. Usually, companies have issues like manpower constraints, time constraints, skill constraints, and monetary constraints for which salesforce consultants are hired. So, to become a salesforce consultant, the list of skills one needs to be pro at to fit into the roles as discussed earlier are:

1.Good communication skills:

It is important to be a good listener and speaker to keep a good client relationship and also train employees in the company so, as to give improved results. It is a must to master verbal as well as non- verbal communication.


 2. Understanding of different types of CRM tools and platforms

One can get training on various CRM platforms from different academies. One must consider courses that add value and recognition at an affordable cost.


3.Expert in project planning and execution

Again, one can get certified with different courses that help people in understanding project management.


4.Deep understanding of how to develop a good client relationship

Again, this also is a part of communication and also experience with which one should build everlasting relationships with clients.


5.Understanding budgets

One should have a good financial understanding to look at the profits and losses of the company and also do forecasting on the nearing profits or losses that the company may face and take measure accordingly.



Companies might hire you to improve overall productivity thus, it is essential for someone looking to be a salesforce consultant to become a good thinker and come up with the best solutions. Management and other courses offer an understanding of how to become a good strategist.


7.Understanding different computer languages

Some companies may look for a salesforce consultant to simply solve their technical glitches, and come up with solutions for smooth functioning. So, understanding and solving coding languages is a definite plus.

If you have these skills in your resume no company would even think twice before hiring you. So, think about which role you would like to consult on and develop the relevant skills accordingly. Being a salesforce consultant is one of the best paying jobs across the globe.

There are also certain pros and cons of becoming a salesforce consultant that one must have an understanding of in case, one might want to pursue this carrier path.


Good experience and expertise in different fields as one may get exposure to working with data and also with clients. Travel: One is required to travel a lot for certain projects
Understanding and access to different technologies Training: You might end up getting training infields that the company wants you to rather than getting trained on what you might like


So, do look into all factors while considering becoming a salesforce consultant but the pros do outweigh the cons.



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