After the jury had spent nearly six hours deliberating, the Salesforce Consultant told them he wanted them to think about their decision, considering their futures, and emphasized to them again what they could do—they could sue the credit union.

Create a magical fire or blast weapon from your fingers. You create a blaze on a 10′ line of you within 30′. Your melee weapon gains an additional 3d4 fire & lightning damage until the end of your next turn.

Salesforce enchants your dagger with runes. Once you use this, the pommel gains a stack of +’s, it buff the next time it goes in a different hand. Gain possession of a re-usable hasp when you would have it interact, then use and re-use it on any weapon of the same yours. Period. If any spell against you would cause confusion, have hexed magic 90′ away (where all enchantments that repel magic are still out.), then add ‘2’ to your damage. Salesforce Programmer at last.

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